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Exciting Voyage Ahead: VIKO YACHTS Unveils the STRATOS 43

As we usher in the New Year, VIKO YACHTS is delighted to introduce the latest gem in our fleet - the STRATOS 43. A collaborative masterpiece with the renowned Cosutti Yacht Design, led by architect Maurizio Cosutti, the STRATOS line heralds a new era of innovation for our brand.

Representing the pinnacle of ocean-class sailing yachts, the STRATOS 43 seamlessly blends VIKO YACHTS' dedication to innovation with Cosutti's unparalleled expertise and taste. Meticulously designed and crafted, this sailing yacht opens a new chapter for our brand, and   promises excitement  and unparalelled performance . 

The STRATOS 43 is not just a vessel; it's a statement of excellence. Years of careful design and development have culminated in a yacht that surpasses market expectations, offering an exceptional fusion of affordability, stunning design, and unparalleled quality. As we set sail into uncharted waters, the STRATOS 43 emerges as a formidable contender among top sailing yacht brands.

For those eager to dive deeper into the world of the STRATOS 43, our dedicated team stands ready to assist. Whether you're seeking detailed information, pre-order opportunities, or insights into product characterization, don't hesitate to connect with us at

Don't miss the chance to be among the first to experience the STRATOS 43. VIKO YACHTS looks forward to welcoming you aboard and turning your sailing dreams into a reality. Adventure awaits, and the STRATOS 43 is your vessel to extraordinary experiences on the open seas.